Breakdowns Lead to Breakthroughs

Errrkkkkkk!! Two Steps Forward. Ten Steps Back.

The name of our nonprofit is Designed Future. And our mission isn’t just lip service. It’s our mantra. We provide life-changing training and empowerment that gives hope and inspiration to everyone in all walks of life. We all have the inalienable right to prosper. Designed Future radically disrupts the seemingly endless struggle with money once and for all. We’ve created an entirely new context for life, in which all people might prosper, in which all poverty might disappear. This is the platform for our existence as Designed Future.

And we keep flubbing it up.

Just when we think we’ve taken two steps forward, another breakdown occurs that takes us ten steps back. We’re making mistakes in our marketing strategy and in our delivery. There’s bickering amongst the team. We’re late meeting our self-imposed and wickedly aggressive deadlines. We feel stuck because we’re uncertain about where we’re heading. Even the sun seems to be eluding us lately. We’re shaking our heads. And surely our guardian angels must be shaking theirs wondering what new miracles they can conjure up this time that will finally enable us to get our act together. We can be of substantial service to those who need it the most. And we can stop the financial hell most every human being finds themselves living in from time to time.

Dear God- it’s me, Julie. Why is it taking so long to get this sucker launched?

We are not giving up. That would be too easy. We’re developing ourselves for something bigger, and the mistakes, mis-steps, and flub-ups have provided us with valuable training. Our own inherent wisdom is finally being given a voice. Where we are right now is exactly where we should be. The emotional upheaval for us as a team has been an experience that nothing else can compare to. I firmly believe that what we can accomplish together has never been seen before. So all there is to do is enjoy the ride, even if the thrills and spills seem numbing, over-the-top, and too much at times.

It’s high time we begin disappearing the galaxies of unworkability. It’s the pursuit of prosperity, and no one gets left behind. And so we press on.

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