Testimonials From Our Grads

Each year, we have the honor of working with a individuals with a burning desire to change the direction of their lives. And each year, we’re grateful to collect their inspiring stories and receive their praise. You’ll find (just a few) of our favorites below.

  • “For the first time in my life, my household income is too high to qualify for food stamps. For the first time in my life! Since the program, things have just kept improving.”

    -Jennifer Harshman, August 2015 (Attended April 2015 program)

  • “A few months after Designed Future, I was able to get my license back and was given a car that was 10 years old. Last August, I upgraded my car to the one I always wanted. I was offered the highest paying job I’ve ever had last September.”

    -Kara M.

  • “I continue to use the tools you taught me at Guiding Light Recovery every single day (numerous times) and I have experienced a new birth! I feel I have opened a door (wide open) to this wonderful thing called LIFE. My attitude and outlook have, in regards to my personal life, done a 180. The world awaits me! Thank you for what you’ve done for me.”

    -David O.

  • “I’ve been practicing mindfulness with my emotions noticing how my body reacts to stress. This stuff works! You’ve made me realize that I am more than just an alcoholic and I thank you for that. It is so much more than just loving myself. I have a renewed sense of knowing I am worthy. I may be 53 year’s old, but I now know I still have lots to offer this world, so thank you. You are AWESOME! Designed Future is AWESOME!

    -Eric W.

  • “The biggest thing that I learned from the program is that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and you get the action plan to make that happen. You will have a life changing experience!! I didn’t want to go to this course but decided at the last minute to go and it truly changed my life. I’m so at peace with my inner self, and my family. I have a job now, and my life has changed for the better.”

    -Terri Salzman

  • “This course is off the charts! Seriously I think everyone should take this course even kids. Children would do much better in life if they had access to something like this at an earlier age. In inner city Detroit, life is hard. This course made a huge difference for everyone at my church who attended. This was amazing for all of us!”

    -Thomas B.

  • “I’m more aware of how my mindset affects my daily life and everyone around me. I’m more confident that I can make my future be whatever I want it to be.”

    -John Moratz

  • “I hadn’t spoken to my father in 5 years. After the program, I went home and called him. I had all these stories about him, and they impacted the way I lived my life. I also went from seasonal work with no insurance to full time employment with benefits. I am also now engaged to be married. Thanks for everything.”

    –Kathleen M.

  • “Hearing your story made a huge difference for me. I realized that I suffered because I did not take responsibility for what was happening in my life. Now I don’t hang out with people who complain and just blame the world for their problems.”

    -Jane Simmons

  • “I want thank you & the rest of the crew from the program. My life has changed tremendously using the things I learned that day. I’m doing very well. I don t want to think where I’d be if I hadn’t made the decision to come to the workshop.”

    -Tara Cloud

  • “The program made me realize that the people I hung around with allowed me to play small in life. I distanced myself from their negative thinking and it has made a huge difference. I even went back to school to finish my degree…no more complaining.”

    -Andrew M.

  • “There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t benefit. The course is fascinating, interesting, enlivening, empowering, and filled with breakthroughs…”

    –Connie Greba