Designed Future is a transformational organization. We seek to make life substantially better for the last, the lost, the least, the left out, and the looked over. We provide life changing training and empowerment that gives hope and inspiration to everyone in all walks of life, especially those living on the margins of society. 


We’re the catalyst for a new and advanced society in which all human beings create the life they were meant to live and have the courage to live it. 


We focus on complex social justice issues such as addiction, homelessness, poverty, trauma, domestic abuse, financial stressors, loss of employment, teen mothers, and at-risk.


Our purpose is systemic transformation. We’re creating a new context for life, in which all people might prosper, in which all poverty might disappear. Our goal is to lessen the burdens of government, lessen neighborhood tensions, eliminate prejudice, and foster personal growth through mental, emotional, and spiritual management.

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We are here to:

  • Open hearts and minds.
  • Collaborate, serve, and inspire.
  • Create a new way of life for all human beings, in which all unnecessary suffering comes to an end.
  • Empower all human beings to travel towards immortal finish lines
  • Seek perpetual growth and inspire others to do the same
  • Deliver revolutionary and life-changing products that foster compassion, love, connectedness, and forgiveness.
  • Be the living demonstration of our teachings.