The Solution To Eradicating Poverty

Unconditional Methods Are In Order   

At Designed Future, what we want for ourselves, we want for everybody: to prosper, to seek excellence, to experience love, happiness, human connectedness, and to live a life that means something.

The Problem

Our existing government systems and programs only keep the masses in poverty. Though very necessary services, Charity and social service agencies also tend to perpetuate the cycle of poverty it aims to eradicate. They keep those living in the margins of society alive and breathing, providing temporary relief to their most basic and primary human needs -food, shelter, clothing, and the annual Christmas gifts given to poor kids who don’t dare dream of a benevolent Santa Claus.

What interests us is the cure.

To eradicate poverty, to create real change, unconventional methods are in order.

The Solution

The truth is, people without hope are doomed, incapable of creating a way out of their current circumstances. Government and social service systems only keep those living in the margins of society living in day-to-day survival mode in their misery. It is inspiration that causes them to rise out of their misery.

The masses living in poverty do not think and act in a certain way that pulls them forward in life. Our goal is to inspire the impoverished to begin living life in an entirely new way. They create change from the inside out and begin thinking, speaking, feeling, and using their imagination in a way that produces altogether new outcomes. If those living in the margins take responsibility of the mind, body, and spirit, have the belief that they can become self-sufficient, and move forward with the resolve to becoming self-supporting, nothing can keep them living in poverty.

The economic salvation of the masses can only be accomplished by getting a significant number of people to practice taking responsibility of the mind to make their way to self-sufficiency. These will be the change makers who show others the way, inspiring them with a burning desire for living a real life, with the faith that it can be attained, and with the purpose to attain it. Neither our government, nor our capitalistic or competitive society, can keep them from attaining self-reliance. It is only then that all government systems and social service agencies must be modified to accommodate the forward movement.

We are our brother’s keeper. We must change our systems of thinking as well. Collectively, if we think and speak of the impoverished as those who are learning to become self-sufficient; those who are to be congratulated rather than pitied, then they, and others, will catch the spirit of inspiration, and begin to search for a way out. 

At Designed Future, we have a real solution, but we cannot do it alone. As an individual, you can help. Please consider supporting us in our mission to eradicate poverty using unconventional means. We see no other way to create the transformation that is in desperately needed.

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