Our Transitional Housing Initiative
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What began as a desire to serve others, has blossomed into our transitional housing project. Designed Future offers those in recovery a practical methodology for producing breakthroughs in sobriety and in the areas of life that matter most to them. Our clients experience a direct and immediate difference in their recovery and begin shaping the course of their lives.

Designed Future’s Transitional Housing Project is grounded in a model of transformative living and learning—learning that gives residents an awareness of the basic structures in which they know, think, and act. From that awareness comes a fundamental shift that leaves them empowered in their own path to recovery.

There is enormous value is having direct, hands-on access to who we are as human beings—to being able to actually impact our actions, to change course should we so desire, to be the authors of our own lives.

Our clients explore different perspectives of life and take a step beyond them to gain direct access to who they are and why they do what they do, making it possible to think and act with a new freedom and joy—to live a life of their own design. They’ll clear up past issues that may have stopped or limited them, and experience a new ability to meet and take on challenges, to get and stay on track.

Transformative Living


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How Can You Help?

Interested in helping with our transitional housing program? Whether you’d like to donate furniture or clothing or perhaps you’re interested in mentoring. We’d love to work with you. Send us a note and we’ll be in touch soon.

The Designed Future Team