Our Transitional Housing Initiative
Together, we create.



A safe and structured “next step” for those transitioning back to society.

What began as a desire to serve others, has blossomed into our transitional housing project. Give a high-risk offender a job and a home without addressing their antisocial criminal behavior, and what you have is an ex-offender with a job and a place to sleep. This doesn’t eliminate the future risk of the offender committing another crime. Not to mention that any one of us could be the potential victim of that crime.


Transformation and Redemption

Only when their criminal thinking and behavior is transformed can ex-offenders become productive, tax-paying members of society.

Our Transformation and Redemption Program focuses on transforming behavior, modifying antisocial attitudes, increasing socialization, and removing internal negative mental barriers that lead to recidivism.

By giving ex-offenders the tools for change, their criminal mindset diminishes and a new mindset emerges. Ex-offenders become someone else, and that new person has new habits that produce new outcomes, which in turn reduce the chances for recidivism.

Our transitional housing project is the result of a collaborative effort between Designed Future and Exodus Place.


How Can You Help?

Interested in helping with our transitional housing program? Whether you’d like to donate furniture or clothing or perhaps you’re interested in mentoring. We’d love to work with you. Send us a note and we’ll be in touch soon.

The Designed Future Team