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If you want more out of life, personal development is a must. Our self-development workshops provide the personal growth needed to motivate you to increase the very quality of your life.

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People without hope are doomed, incapable of creating a way out of their current circumstances. We exist to provide hope, a pathway to relief, and a new way of life despite dire circumstances. We empower individuals to create their own brand of magic which enables them to become productive and contributing members of society. That’s how we’re making the world better. Every dollar helps us expand our reach to help those who have no access to a better way of life. All the proceeds from registrations to the Designed Future programs go directly towards making an impact with others.

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We’re doing something substantial to put an end to the suffering of those who are undergoing difficult periods in their lives because of family crisis, divorce, financial setbacks, addiction, unemployment, and life’s many challenges. We cannot do it alone. Donate to Designed Future and make an impact for deserving individuals seeking radical change and financial empowerment. Your donation helps others who desperately crave a better way of life to take the first steps to achieving their goals and dreams.

Participants in our Designed Future program learn to take charge of their lives to make positive and lasting changes which lead them to prosperity in all areas of life. The generous gift you provide makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.

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34 reviews for Register for THRIVE!

  1. Marianne Dodd

    I participated in Julie’s Prosperity Bootcamp in 2012. She is a master of transformation taking you from creating what you want in life to a higher level of performance. She provides coaching to attendees based on what works – awareness, discipline and focused action to achieving your stated goals. I recommend Julie’s generous spirit-filled training and professional expertise to anyone seeking to achieve a rich and rewarding life. Julie will help you break through whatever keeps you from your goal. –Marianne Dodd

  2. Terri Dearth

    The biggest thing that I learned from the Prosperity Boot Camp is that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. You will have a life changing experience!! I didn’t want to go to this course but decided at the last minute to go and it truly changed my life. I’m so at peace with my inner self and with repeating my affirmations daily, my family and work life has changed for the better.
    The Prosperity Boot Camp wasn’t just about money to me. It helped me become a happier person and more at peace with myself, which in turn, has led me to greater things and a better outlook on life! Thanks for offering this course and I’m looking forward to attending more in the future! –Terri Dearth

  3. Chip Slicer

    Extraordinary weekend! You presented the material in a way that actually landed, and really seems to be the area that I really needed clarity on.
    And it’s already working. I realize I have been bouncing between so many different things to avoid truly sitting down and getting clear on what really makes me happy… Definitely seems a lot clearer… and like I found a rather large puzzle piece.
    Excellent presentation, examples, and videos. As well as the music. And I really want to thank you for putting on such a great event. Truly first rate and a bargain. Of course doing the work and having the miracles happen IS rather priceless…-Chip Slicer

  4. Connie Greba

    There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t benefit. The course is fascinating, interesting, enlivening, empowering…Julie is pure delight! –Connie Greba

  5. Lydia Burnett

    Invigorating and exciting. I am walking away with tools I can use. I came here wondering what I can come away with that I already know but I am not doing. It was really well presented. I would recommend this to anybody. –Lydia Burnett

  6. Carly Richards

    My routine has drastically altered. I’m getting up earlier, planning my day differently, reading the inspirational passages to get my day going. I have more money in the bank now than I’ve ever had. I find myself laughing more and really enjoying each moment. –Carly Richards

  7. Krista Pouzar

    Last November, I created a vision for myself at Julie’s boot camp. Tonight I’m basking in love and gratitude for Prosperity Bootcamp and all the beautiful things showing up in my life! –Krista Pouzar

  8. Tara J.

    I want to thank you and the rest of the crew from Prosperity Boot Camp. My life has changed tremendously using the things I learned that day. I’m doing really well! I also introduced my cousin to one of the ladies I was sitting with, and he is now one of her employees and he loves his job! I don’t want to think where I’d be if I hadn’t made the decision to attend the boot camp. THANK YOU!!!!! –Tara J.

  9. Jody Harker

    Prosperity Boot Camp was the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. I cannot recommend it enough! Huge financial breakthroughs I never thought were possible, easily and effortlessly. Thank you for the amazing gift. I will definitely share this with the people in my life!-Jody Harker

  10. Charles Thomas

    Julie’s relaxed and authentic presentation style is highly effective. She exudes the confidence of a person who lives the principles she teaches. –Charles Thomas

  11. Walton Spurlin

    I can honestly say this was a life changing experience for me. I have had awesome breakthroughs in my career as well as my personal relationships directly due to my participation in this course. It’s a journey well worth taking and has opened up a world of possibilities around my finances that I never knew existed. I honestly can not truly express just how highly I recommend that you attend Prosperity Boot Camp!-Walton S.

  12. Kathleen

    After boot camp I went home and called my father. I had all these stories about him, and they impacted the way I lived my life. I went from seasonal work with no insurance, to full time employment with benefits. I am also engaged. Thanks for everything.-Kathleen

  13. Jennifer

    Julie, I can’t thank you enough. My life is 360 degrees different than it was. I am now in a job I love with great prospects for future advancement. I am excited by life and grateful daily. –Jennifer B.

  14. Karyn B.

    I received 2 job promotions within 12 months of attending Prosperity Boot Camp. I’m now going back to school to finish my degree. I’d recommend this workshop to anyone! Thank you! –Karyn B.

  15. Laurie

    Shortly after participating in the Boot Camp, my company went out of business. Because of the transformational work we did at Boot Camp, and working with A Course in Prosperity for the following 40 days, I was able to turn this would-be tragedy into a miraculous change for the better. I launched a new business and am immeasurably happier. While so far I’ve been earning about the same amount of money on a month-to-month ratio, my earning potential for the coming year and thereafter is far greater. My surroundings are now joyous on a daily basis. I love what I’m doing and everyone I now work with. I wouldn’t go back to the old company for anything. –Laurie

  16. Matt H.

    Made a huge difference in my outlook on everything. The ongoing support I received is what made the most difference for me. –Matt. H.

  17. Jason Stewart

    In the 18 months after attending, I have received two raises one at 3% and one at 6%. I moved from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom condo.-Jason S.

  18. David A.

    I attended the program to improve my outlook on life in general. To become a more positive person. I am fortunate to be financially set but wanted help in family relations and seeing my family and friends happy. With attending the camp and having my positive thoughts, I feel my life has become happier and the ones around me have become happier. It’s easier for me to cope with the ones that I didn’t get along with prior to attending the camp.”-David A

  19. Sam

    When I took the Bootcamp, I already loved my job but just wished that it paid more. Over the last year we have been repositioning ourselves in a completely new direction. (My boss attended the Boot Camp with me). We are now well on our way to start seeing financial benefits from the lessons we learned at the Bootcamp very soon. Overall, the biggest changes have come in the small day-to-day tasks. They are enjoyable! The work atmosphere, though nice before, is buzzing with our creative potential now. Clients we struggled with have dropped away and now we are only working with lovely people. Our lives reflect the training we received at boot camp. Indispensable. We are both so grateful for the Bootcamp! -Sam

  20. Laurie S.

    An unexpected move cross-country to a state where I knew two people (one being my retired/breast cancer patient mother) has slowed my progress in some of the areas listed above. That being said, I had a plan when I moved out here and have been able to revise that plan accordingly. ? That is pretty empowering to be able to adjust in the moment rather than getting stuck in circumstances — even when circumstances keep shifting. I highly recommend this course!.

  21. Peggy R.

    The workshop is an amazing program and a necessity for anyone struggling in their personal finances or personal relationships!

  22. Jane Simmons

    Hearing your story made a huge difference for me. I got that I suffered because I did not take responsibility for what was happening in my life. Now I don’t hang with people who complain.

  23. Andrew McPherson

    The Prosperity Program made me realize that the people I hung around with allowed me to play it small in life. I distanced myself from their negative thinking and it has made a huge difference. I even went back to school to finish my degree…no more complaining.

  24. Carol

    My personal relationships have significantly improved after I took to heart what you said at the program. You are an inspiration.

  25. Simon

    A few months after boot camp I was able to get my license back and was given a car that was 10 years old. Last August I upgraded my car to the one I always wanted. I was offered the highest paying job I’ve ever had last September.

  26. Sarah M.

    I went back to work invigorated and ended up with a promotion within 2 months. My life was good before, now it is awesome. Julie – you are awesome!

  27. Charla P.

    This course is a gift straight from Heaven!!!

  28. Theresa B.

    I want to thank you & the rest of the crew from the Prosperity Program. My life has changed tremendously using the things I learned that day. I’m doing very well! I also introduced my cousin to one of the ladies I was sitting with and he is now one of her employees and he loves his job! I don’t want to think where I could be if I hadn’t made the decision to come in.

  29. Kimberly N.

    Love this Julie! I agree and I am on it since my savior is standing right here inside my boots! Your info is like a jolt for life…like of course! Is there any other way to live!? Warmest regards and Happy New Year. Thank you for everything that you do! Here is to 2015!

  30. Tom B.

    This course is off the charts! Seriously I think everyone should take this course even kids! Children would do much better in life if they had access to something like this at an earlier age. In inner city Detroit life is hard. This course made a huge difference for everyone at my church who attended. Thank you Julie!! This was amazing for all of us!

  31. John M.

    The program helped me with being more open minded and having more willingness to consider other options and points of view. With being more optimistic and positive about life events and situations. Of becoming more aware of my part in how things happen and come about in my life journey both positive as well as negative and to take a more proactive part in this. It helped me gain a better understanding of how my own positive and negative thought processes and actions create realities in my life and health both positive and negative and what I can do about it. Also helped reinforce beliefs I already held but had moved away from our become doubtful of and provided a path back to agreement and active commitment to.

  32. Malcolm

    For the first time in my life I feel genuinely happy on a daily basis. I also believed that I would always be a loser. Now I never have thoughts about myself like that. I hadn’t seen my family in years and now I am close to several people in my family. Your program also has helped me stay sober.

  33. Joe G.

    I wish I would have learned everything at the program when I was in high school. I would have made different decisions and wouldn’t have ended up in jail three times. I like who I am now and I don’t get angry like I used to. I also have different friends now.

  34. John Moratz

    I’m more aware of how my mindset affects my daily life and everyone around me. I’m more confident that I can make my future to be whatever I want it to be.

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