We Are Designed Future…

Success in Life. It’s a Mind Game.

We teach people how to intentionally design their future and BE the change in their lives.

Everyone Deserves A Chance At Success. We Can Help.

Designed Future is a nonprofit organization that promotes human progress through self-awareness and personal growth. We empower individuals to utilize the power of the mind, body, and spirit as a pathway into a better way of life.

Our Suite of Program Offerings

We provide life changing training and empowerment that gives hope and inspiration to everyone in all walks of life.

Nonprofit Partners

We open the doors of possibility and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need.  We create a viable pathway to self-sufficiency and a transformative new life experience for those who are often powerless and underserved.

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For The General Public

The Designed Future THRIVE! Program is a complete life-changer. You’ll improve whatever areas of life you’d like to focus on—financial, career, relationships, or health and well-being. Our coaching will help you foster your dreams into reality and create a life you love.

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For Businesses

Maximize your company’s profitability with our Sales and Employee Engagement Programs. We’ll help you create dynamic teamwork and leadership, great customer service, a motivated sales team, and improved employee communication and satisfaction.

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*All proceeds from our general public and business programs fund the free services we offer to low-income and no-income individuals.

Our Partners Include:

nonprofit agencies / recovery support communities / employers / alternative schools / colleges and universities / hospitals  / aftercare facilities / social workers/ organizations / churches

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