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Our Solution

How do you get to the source of addiction, homelessness, abuse, and unemployment? Our solution: by treating the ailments of the mind that likely caused these societal issues on an individual level.

Designed Future is a transformational organization with a proven methodology for reviving the hearts, minds, and consciousness of those facing life’s most challenging circumstances.

We partner with local non-profits who serve as the bridge between our organization and individuals who find themselves in need of a fresh and uplifting approach to creating a new future.

Your non-profit organization sees them all of the time: individuals with a burning desire for change. They’re almost there-on the verge of a breakthrough-all they need is one more catalyst to launch their new life. Partnering with your organization, Designed Future could be that catalyst.

We can attest to the efficacy of Designed Future program offerings. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your non-profit organization. Call or email us today to schedule a meeting.

  • Jennifer Harshman

    “For the first time in my life, my household income is too high to qualify for food stamps. For the first time in my life! Since the program, things have just kept improving.“

Working With Us

We offer nonprofit agencies a full-service team with programs that provide real, proven methods for personal change.

We Target Those At Risk

We improve the lives of those in your population who are struggling with financial stressors, loss of employment, homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, serious health issues, strained family relationships, single mothers, and at-risk youth.  We also deliver programs to empower nonprofit staff members.

What Our Engagement Looks Like

Nonprofit agencies are paired with a professional Designed Future Coach.  During the course of 5-7 weeks, training sessions include didactic learning, experiential exercises, demonstrations, participant interaction, and a suite of evidence-based tools and solutions to create a designed life.

Call us for more information at 616-706-7986