A Self-Improvement Program That Empowers And Transforms You For Life!

For a moment…

Imagine that you were convinced to live your dream life today.

What should you do next?

I’ll let you in on the secret and it begins with two special words…


By taking mindful action, you’ve gained the ability to see and accept the many opportunities available. To the casual observer, it appears that everything comes easy, but you know the truth—your future wasn’t left to chance.

On the other hand, the victim mentality has spread far-and-wide convincing many well-deserving people that life isn’t meant to be special—mostly full of drama, scarcity, and disappointment. So instead of improving their situation they’ve decided to do nothing and pass blame.

THRIVE is a Wake-Up Call to Release All Limitations …

…and it begins with the mind.

Most folks survive the best way they know how, but without a plan, energy is wasted and leads to hopelessness.

Since 2012, Designed Future has coached over 700 people to reclaim their lives and position them to proceed.

THRIVE is an active program that fuels your passion by:

  • Uncovering hidden desires and charting your abundant future.
  • Creating a magnetic lifestyle which attracts positive people into your life.
  • Adding proven routines that stimulate creativity and direct your improvement.
  • Learning to quickly address problems so you can focus more on actually enjoying life.
  • Detecting self-doubt and employing visualization techniques to handle all uncertainty.

 Above all, THRIVE approaches life as a journey instead of a competition. The action plans work with only 15 minutes dedicated every day to form genuine habits…sort of like putting success on autopilot.

All of the routines can be practiced during your private time—while waiting in line, commuting to work, or before a high-stakes meeting. And even better… you don’t have to tell anyone, just show them by living more fantastic than ever. Friends and family will beg to hear your secret.

Successful individuals of the highest level regularly use the concepts introduced in THRIVE.

Hear directly from graduates living the THRIVE lifestyle:

“Last November, I created a new vision for my life at the Designed Future program. Tonight, I’m basking in love and gratitude for all the beautiful things showing up in my life!” –Kristin Pouzar

“Extraordinary program! You presented the material in a way that actually landed, and really seems to be in the area that I really needed clarity on. And it’s already working.” – Chip Slicer

“I received 2 job promotions within 12 months of attending THRIVE! I’m now going back to school to finish my degree. I’d recommend this workshop to anyone! Thank you!”–Karen B.


Kristin, Chip, and Karen invested in their futures and reversed their situations. And you can too.

Do Not Let Another Year Pass By Without Taking Action

Sign up for THRIVE by investing $149 into designing a fulfilling future—one that you’d be proud of.

In addition to attending THRIVE, attendees receive access to a jam-packed newsletter filled with:

  • New tips and stories
  • Question and Answer sessions
  • Community activities

All THRIVE proceeds are used to develop new and improved programs that spread prosperity within our community. Consider it a chance to help others while helping yourself. Everyone wins!

Please message the Reservations Team to confirm available seats with bookings of 4 or more.

Seats fill quickly.