Our Formula 

Designed Future offers a comprehensive solution for a wide range of debilitating life circumstances, marrying research-validated behavior interventions and strategies-from psychology, neuro-science, spirituality, and quantum mechanics to personalized coaching. Our program offerings foster personal growth through mental, emotional, and spiritual management.

You name it, we handle it: financial breakdowns, extended periods of unemployment, addiction, recovery, domestic abuse, parenting, relationships, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, employee disengagement, and overall dissatisfaction in life. Individuals begin to take charge of their lives and create new behaviors that produce positive and lasting results.

So who uses Designed Future? 

The answer is simple. The people using the Designed Future program offerings want their lives to work better: whether referred by a nonprofit agency, an employer, a friend, or a search engine, our community is built on the bedrock of people achieving the concrete changes they desire.

We are here to help anyone who struggles in life: from those living in the margins of society to students, employees, coworkers, family, friends, or you!

You Mention Research-Validated. What Do you Mean? 

We focus on solutions, encouraging and inspiring participants to challenge distorted cognitions and change self-destructive patterns of behavior. Our core content blends a variety of proven and well-studied methods to modify ineffective behaviors, dysfunctional emotions, and thoughts.

We didn’t just pull this stuff out of thin air, and we take the success of our community very seriously. That means the folks using Designed Future are encouraged to explore leading strategies for erradicating and managing ineffective behaviors and creating a future they want to step into.

Our materials are built on well-established methods of re-ordering thoughts, emotions, behavior, and action. Predictable blocks that show up as automatic behaviors and ways of being are distinguished. Survival mechanisms that have been co-opting the path to transformation are diminished and new ways of being are chosen and practiced that allows a new self to emerge. Participants learn to re-master the areas of their life in which they struggle and regain their balance.

Designed Future also adopts approaches like universal truths of character development and the roots of good character in human nature from a philosophical and spiritual point of view. The qualities of character emphasized during the program include awe, creativity, curiosity, diligence, unconditional love, forgiveness, future-mindedness, generosity, gratitude, honesty, humility, joy, purpose, and reliability.

Those in our community are empowered, practiced, and competent to effectively manage the following: Spirituality, Mental, and Emotional Well- Being, Money, Time, Relationships, Career, Business, Creative Projects,  Making Choices, Dealing with Breakdowns, Commitment, and Creating a Designed Future.

Our Coaches 

Just like our core content relies on an abundance of effective strategies from a variety of disciplines, our coaching rests on a foundation of broad qualification, targeted training, and direct personal experience.

That means our coaches are masters of the training they deliver. They are required to be a living demonstration of our work and have received Designed Future specific training that prepares them for the particulars of the modalities outlined above.

Designed Future coaches are individuals who have intimate knowledge of overcoming some serious obstacles in life and have reservoirs of personal experience to draw upon. They’ve been there, done that, and they extend a knowing hand.

What exactly do you track? How do you measure it? 

Once you spend some time with us, we’ll get to know you very well. As participants progress through the program, their individual challenges, strengths and preferences become increasingly apparent. These data points are leveraged to personalize members’ experiences, tailoring content to match unique goals. Along with self-reported outcome data, Designed Future members complete assessment instruments to gauge things like increase in income and employment opportunities, improvements in living conditions, life-satisfaction and well-being. We want our clients to achieve concrete wellness goals and we want them to do so in a way that feels subjectively meaningful. This balance between demonstrable, quantitative outcomes, and individual felt success is core to our mission.

So to answer the question: Designed Future tracks what does and doesn’t work for you.

So how does it actually work? 

Pretty simple, actually.

Each week, Designed Future members practice tools and techniques at their own pace and participate in scheduled check-ins with their personal coach. As members reach self-defined targets, we offer new opportunities to reflect, re-focus, and refine goals. Designed Future takes its members from suffering to thriving, offering unrivaled personalization and individual-focused service from day one.

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