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Our Transitional Housing Initiative
Together, we create.

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Our Transitional Housing Initiative
Together, we create.

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Transformative Living

A housing and recovery program that delivers breakthroughs in sober living.

What began as a desire to serve others, has blossomed into transitional housing. Designed Future’s Transitional Housing Project is grounded in a model of transformative living and learning. We provide our residents with a practical methodology for producing breakthroughs in the areas of life that matter most to them. They’ll experience a fundamental shift that leaves them empowered to impact their actions, to change course should they so desire, to shape the direction of their lives.

All new residents are required to be vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to admission. 

Hang out with us long enough, and we’ll brainwash you into believing in yourself and knowing you can achieve anything.

A long-term sober living environment can effectively lead to a life of recovery for an alcoholic or drug addict. Designed Future’s sober house programs have successful results in helping clients with an alcohol and or drug addiction remain sober.

Our mission aims to effectively transform the mindset, attitude, and behaviors of addicts, thus breaking the cycle of addiction at the root and preventing relapse. We work toward this goal by providing a safe place to live and the supportive services to help individuals create change from the inside out.

Far More than Just Another Sober Living House

Designed Future is an experience designed to bring the recovery process to you, to help you experience an inner change through a process designed for lasting success in sobriety and in life.

Change From Within

We all have the ability to change within ourselves. Some of us just need that extra push. Designed Future provides the structure, accountability and the dignity of independent living each of us needs to transform into the person we aspire to be. Our group living homes bring what many desire most: sober community, guidance, peer-to peer mentoring, and friendship. Our home is modeled to promote a supportive ‘family’ and foster healthy relationships as you navigate your recovery. Community and teamwork are at the core of our sober living facility, and we work together to successfully keep residents involved and engaged. Our home also allows you the freedom to do what you need while living with us including work, school, or volunteering. We encourage each person to be as productive as possible while also working a structured program toward recovery.

The Designed Future Difference

The Designed Future Sober Living Home has a paid live-in House Manager responsible for the well-being, safety, cohesion, and maintenance of a clean, professionally managed sober home for all residents, all of the time. Our attention to building community, personal accountability, goal-setting and progressive, action-based recovery strategies are reinforced and emphasized as pillars of individual self-development. As self-development comes, so does community. Community in our home is at the core of our model.


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How Can You Help?

Interested in helping with our transitional housing program? Whether you’d like to donate furniture or clothing or perhaps you’re interested in mentoring. We’d love to work with you. Send us a note and we’ll be in touch soon.

The Designed Future Team