Keep An Eye On Your Timing

Whenever we try to manifest something new into our lives, often we can sometimes wonder when it will manifest. Let’s say we want to reduce our weight. We can find ourselves making changes (drinking more water instead of soda, walking more, eating more fruits and vegetables), yet, after a while, results aren’t really showing, are poor, or non-existent. At this point it is easy to become dissatisfied at the rate of change in our lives, and come close to adopting an almost cynical attitude that will hinder any additional progress.

Shakespeare is quoted as saying that ripeness is all—this is taken as a tacit admission that timing is important. People, places, and things need time to grow, to move, to orient themselves so that they can properly mature, become ready, and come into being. There is a time to sow, and a time to reap, but you don’t do both in the same season. Time is an essential catalyst so that goals can come into being. Without the passage of time, everything would stay static and nothing could grow or transform.

Some manifestations follow a linear timetable for coming into being. In those cases, a goal is accomplished, slowly, in almost mechanical increments. Figuring out where you were, the progress you have made, where you currently are, and how much you have left to go isn’t too hard.

However, no goal is truly black and white, and at its essence, its likelihood of success is comprised of intangibles: emotions, motivations, and personal choice.

The truth is that there is no exact time frame for knowing when a change in mindset is going to bring changes.

Speeding up what you want depends more on being definite and actively working on what it is you want. Predicting what will happen tomorrow primarily depends on you – your creativity, willpower, focus, resolve, and conviction in pursuit of that goal. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish(e.g. If you’re trying to lose weight in order to achieve a specific weight loss goal), the environment you place yourself in, the time spent exercising, the social group you surround yourself with, and the attitude you adopt all have an impact on how long it takes for your goal to manifest.

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